The Mindful Kids
And Adults Too!

Kind Words

Parent, Teachers and Workshop Participants

“Sarah, you are a miracle worker! I dropped off a kid who was feeling really down both physically and mentally and I picked up a confident, positive one!  My child was just so happy to finally feel like she could be in charge of what's happening to her physically, and the mindfulness techniques you taught her gave her the tools she needed to be able to think positively about school and feel like she could get through that first day back and beyond. So thank you!” Parent of Middle School Student

"I loved how you gave tangible tools for managing stress & anger.  The recaps were extremely useful to make me understand what you covered in class & what to work on during that week with my son.  The whole experience exceeded my expectations.  Thank you for creating this much needed teachings for our kids!"  Parent from CALM for Kids

"In this day and age I don't think there is a better gift to give a child, than the practice of mindfulness, and that this course was a perfect introduction into the philosophy and techniques behind it.  Eight also seems like a really timely age to begin." Parent from CALM for Kids

"Was a perfect combination between tools, discussion and crafting." Parent from CALM for Kids

"As a whole, the tools have given more confidence and my child felt better prepared to handle tricky situations: Parent from CALM for Kids

"I had signed my son up without his prior consent and he was hesitant to go but always would leave happier than he came in;-)" Parent from CALM for Kids

"Some resistance to go, but then enjoyed every class" Parent from CALM for Kids

"I am so happy that I you offered this class and helped my son hear about these valuable ideas and skills." Parent from CALM for Kids

"I wish it could last longer (more weeks)" Parent from CALM for Kids

"I loved this class. My son didn't always want to go but he felt so much better after. We're working on getting him to use his mindful tools at home but when I tell him to go do a mindful activity he does so much well after. I would love to continue these with him. The things that he learned about how his brain processes emotions really resonated with him." Parent from CALM for Kids

"One day my daughter and I were having a heated conversation about whether she could have a treat.  She sensed my frustration after her tenth time asking. So, instead of getting upset with me, she said, 'okay mom, let's just calm down by slowing our breathing.'  She took my hands and we counted to 10 together. She still wanted that cookie, but we were able to have a calmer discussion about it after our calming exercise. I'm thankful that my child learned lifelong stress management skills from Sarah!" 
Parent of a 2nd grader

"I believe that mindfulness is fundamental to one's happiness in life so I hope my daughter can keep up some of the skills she learned with you.  I think it is fantastic that the children learn awareness of their body and or other things in their environment."  Parent of a Kindergartner

"I enjoyed and greatly valued the work Sarah did in my Kindergarten class. Breathing to calm and center ourselves became a daily routine through transitions during our day and when a conflict or problem arose.  Using the word 'mindful' was a nice way to often remind students to check that they were being responsible for themselves. The lessons Sarah presented taught appropriate skills and ideas to use daily in all our lives so that we can approach each moment with purpose, calmness, clarity and openness. My students often shared how they needed and used mindfulness at home or in other places besides school. What a gift!  I plan to have Sarah come each year to help set an environment of respect, responsibility, and kindness and to share tools they can use when things get rough!" 

Kindergarten Teacher, Palo Alto

"I see such a benefit for the students, as they are reacting in a much calmer way when problem solving behaviors.  We all use the breathing techniques to reduce negative feelings, de-stress and re-energize.  The mindful exercises focusing on attention to body, sound and sight have help the children become more receptive, attentive students when learning. The children love when she comes and find helpful through out the week to use what she has taught them. As a classroom teacher, I use the techniques throughout the day." 1st grade teacher, Palo Alto

"Sarah taught the Mindful Kid's program to my kindergarten class and was a calm and knowledgeable teacher.  Our class learned to use the techniques taught and it helped all of us approach our days with clearer intentions."
  Kindergarten Teacher, Palo Alto

"Sarah is very knowledgable and helpful with families and dealing with issues as it relates to mindfulness." Mindfulness Fundamentals Participant

 "Sarah's workshop offered helpful ways to reduce stress without much effort.  I liked this class and I learned a lot about how to breath and relax myself when I get stressed."Mindfulness Fundamentals Participant

"I thoroughly enjoyed every part of this class.  I loved hearing you talk.  Your voice is so soothing.  Every week brought new information, which I looked forward to.  I would take it again, with all the same info."
CALM for teachers participant Gunn High School

"Sarah, your knowledge and teaching skills create a calm and educational/awareness toward understanding and finding success w/ mindfulness."
CALM for teachers participant Gunn High School

"I thoroughly enjoyed this mindfulness class and it has been present with me daily." 
CALM for teachers participant Gunn High School

"Thank you for being with us each week - for giving your time, thoughts, and love to this group.  
CALM for teachers participant Gunn High School

Kids and Teens

"What I got most out of the class is tools that can help me when I am angry, stressed and anxious.  Also, what I am grateful for. Thank you so much!  It was very helpful and I will definitely remember these tools.  You were very easy to talk to." Middle School workshop participant
"This class helps me relax, especially the guided sitting/lying is useful to know.  I enjoyed everything." Middle School workshop participant

"My favorite part was when we got to lay down/sit and relax/breathe.  I think I learned to take a deep breath and focus on the good stuff.  Also, I think that feeling each body part from bottom to top and being mindful helped me take a minute to relax.  I can do that anytime. Middle School workshop participant

"It helped me be more mindful of my thoughts and emotions.  I was able to find better ways to deal with stress and negative emotions." CALM Teen Participant

"I learned a lot about how to deal with emotions, learned that other people have similar emotions to me and deep breaths." CALM Teen Participant

"I learned many new ways to manage my own life and emotions through simply meditating.  That was very powerful." CALM Teen Participant

"I can make myself relax more easily." CALM Teen Participant

"I absolutely loved learning how to breathe.  Not just "breathing," but actually being mindful and noticing my breathing." CALM Teen Participant

"I really liked how it was hands on, inclusive and how we got objects, handouts and things we could physically use to for mindfulness."
CALM Teen Participant

"It helped me to recognize my emotions and to connect with them more.  It was therapeutic and calmed stressesHigh School Senior from Teen Workshop

"It was calming!" High School Senior from Teen Workshop

"I enjoyed it when you told me how to bring myself back to the present.  It helped me come back and focus.  I thought the stop rock was a clever idea.  I think everything you said I could relate to.  I felt you really understood a seventh grader's life." 7th Grade Student

"I like everything about it.  I like mindful breathing.  I like how you teach how to do mindful breathing.  I like that you are so kind."  Kindergarten Student

"I thought it was very relaxing and it made me feel so much better.  I liked the quietness in my head."
2nd Grade Student

"I liked it cuz it helped me from screaming when I got mad."  Kindergarten Student

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