The Mindful Kids
And Adults Too!

We are all brimming with greatness.

Coaching may be for you if you are...

Struggling with getting stuff done

Having difficulty making decisions

(even the small ones!)

Feeling scattered or overwhelmed

Lacking clarity around what you want

Feeling Stuck or Playing Small

Living Inside Your Comfort Zone

Feeling Unmotivated

Tired of your inner critic's constant chatter

Feeling stressed and anxious

Wanting more joy!

This call will give you a taste of what coaching is like with me while making sure we are a good fit.   We will get to know each other, chat about your desired outcomes and I will answer all the questions you have about coaching and how I can help you along your journey. 


Master your Mind"
 for Women

Mindfulness Fundamentals

Flourishing Skills Group

C.A.L.M. for Kids 

C.A.L.M for Teens at PAMF -  day class begins Saturday, 
January 11, 18 and 25  from 1:30-3pm

C.A.L.M. for Middle School at PAMF - day class begins Saturday, 
January 11, 18 and 25 
from 3:30-5pm

I'm Passionate about meeting women where they are on their journey,
Discovering where they would like to be and 
and Helping
 them create the path to get there.

Along the way, there is a lot of self-discovery.

Getting unstuck
 from your limiting life patterns,
Busting out of your comfort zone,
 Making decisions (even the smallest ones), 
  Dealing with the endless mind chatter of your inner critics,
 and everything in between.

With a compassionate, non-judgmental space 
to explore your thoughts and emotions
we are able to peel away the layers, 
tone down the overwhelm, 
build up your confidence
and tap into your greatness.  

I am certainly not perfect!
 I have been there 
as a mom,  as a woman, as a human.

I get it!

After playing small 
and hiding out for many years,
struggling with anxiety,
being bullied by my thoughts
and not being "good enough,"
I came to learn that

  The pain of stagnation is far more painful than the pain of growth. 

I am here to help you 
break free from that way of living,
break free from the stagnation,
take small steps for big changes
and support you as you grow
and move into 
and live your best life both inside and out.

I am here to listen
and figure it out with you.
I see YOU...
Exactly where you are.

Together we will Identify what matters most to you,
Recognize what's standing in your way, 
Design an action plan to help you move forward in  
a happier, richer, more fulfilling life. 

Sometimes we all need someone to help us see what we can’t.   

“You can’t read the label when you are stuck inside the jar.” 

Let’s create a space to read the label, 
get through the layers 
and wake up your greatness.

In these coaching sessions, we focus on YOU
   YOUR agenda 
YOUR needs
  YOUR desires

I believe...

“You have within you all that you need… And, all that you have you need…”

You are imperfectly PERFECT! Just as you are. 


Book yourself a 30 minute 
FREE introductory call!

Note: Mindful Kids is an educational program and not a clinical intervention.
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