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"Don't believe everything you think.  Thoughts are just that - thoughts."

Allan Lokos 

Stressed, Anxious, Overwhelmed?

Want to Master Your Mind?

Day to day life is a breeding ground for stress and overwhelm.  Your resilience keeps you acting when you most want to quit. Mental power is the unlock key for success for all of life’s challenging endeavors. Until recently, people thought you either had it or you didn't. But a growing body of breaking research reveals that mental toughness or "resilience" is not only a mindset that separates those who succeed from those who plateau, it is a teachable and buildable skill. 

Master Your Mind

Give yourself the gift of Resilience and learn the MENTAL SKILLS that will equip you to deal with thoughts, emotions, worries, judgments and beliefs that may typically overwhelm you. This is an experiential class with lots of space for practice, discussion and support!

In this 6-week class, you will learn about...


Uncover the Science of success.  Research shows that growth mindset is what separates people who succeed & thrive with those who languish.  Learn a simple technique to keep you on the path of learning & resilience to combat judgment, criticism, self-doubt, frustration & worry.


Ever notice how you can be your own worst critic? You’re not alone. Science shows, criticism undermines performance. Learn to redirect debilitating thoughts, build your confidence & take action.


Learn to tackle that familiar & often debilitating voice of worry & self-doubt. “What if this happens? What if that happens?” Uncover basic truths about fear & how to tackle your worry before it leads to anxiety.  Learn to use this to reduce stress and improve your physical health.


Become a master of your mind.  Learn to counter unproductive & life diminishing chatter. Uncover Mind Tricks to redirect & refocus your thoughts, even the sticky ones, in real time. 


Learn how to master your emotions and move through the more negative ones with greater ease. Understand where negative emotions come from and how to work with them. You will connect with your inner critic, learn where she came from and how to tame her.  


Did you know that the average lifespan of an emotion to work through the body is 90 seconds? Learn what keeps you stressing, ruminating, worrying for 90+ seconds. Thoughts perpetuate emotions. Understand what triggers you and others and learn to master your thoughts so you don't get stuck in your emotions.

Master Your Mind is for you if you would like to...

  • Learn to curb harmful judgements and criticism
  • Understand how to redirect toxic thoughts
  • Decrease your stress and feelings of overwhelm
  • Have greater understanding of your emotions and actions
  • Learn the practice the skills that make it simple to focus your mind
  • Bounce back from stressful thoughts so you can move forward
  • Feel in control of your emotions
  • Prevent doubt or worry from escalating into fear, panic or anxiety
  • Move from being a worrier to a warrior
  • Increase your mindfulness and wellbeing
  • Get control of your mind chatter
  • Understand the relationship between thoughts and emotions
  • Build your emotional intelligence
  • Connect with like minded women!

Investment Includes: Two 20-minute Lightning-Round coaching sessions (cuz stuff comes up!) Class Summaries At Home Practices Snacks and Surprises

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