The Mindful Kids
And Adults Too!

Are you starting the year off feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed?
Do you find yourself going through the motions just to get through the day? 
Would you like to be more present for your life? 
Would you like to stop reacting and start responding more thoughtfully? 

Mindfulness may be the answer!

Mindfulness is the practice of being in the present moment. Through mindful breathing, we learn to quiet the mind, slow down and be aware of our moment-to-moment experience. Mindfulness offers an awareness that allows us to see more deeply into ourselves without judgement. With this new awareness and acceptance of what is, we are given the gift of choice. It helps us to have a clearer understanding of our emotions, a deeper connection with our minds and bodies and a more vivid awareness of our patterns and habits that may be holding us back from our full potential. Mindfulness also provides techniques for increasing empathy, compassion and gratitude. It's practice has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve quality of life. 

C.A.L.M. Class (Cultivating Awareness to Live Mindfully)

Give yourself the gift of mindfulness!  Learn how to alleviate stress and anxiety, work with difficult thoughts and emotions, increase your resilience and wellbeing, cultivate healthy communication, grow your compassion and gratitude, and find balance in hectic or busy times.

In this 6-week class, you will learn how to apply the principles in your daily life and how to develop your own practice while creating more clam, clarity and connection with both yourself and your family.  This is an experiential class with lots of space for practice, discussion and support!

When:   TBD

Investment includes: Two free 20 minute Lightning-Round Coaching Sessions (cuz stuff comes up!) with Sarah Class Summaries At Home Practices Snacks and Surprises

To register for the workshop please sign up below or contact Sarah Newman at Once registered, confirmation and payment options will be sent. Registration is Required - Space is Limited
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